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Meldonium is the contemporary sports drug which is used by high-ranking athletes in tennis, hockey, football and other active sports for the best results.

Original Meldonium (Mildronate®) is the leading agent of the cardiovascular drugs group and strong antiischemic agent of a common metabolic action.

• it improves mental processes (memory, learning, focus, concentration, processing of information)
• reduces fatigue increases motivation and alertness
• Improves athletic training and competitive performance
• Improves blood microcirculation and oxygen delivery to the tissues

Suggested Use:
• As a general nootropic: take 500 - 1000mg of meldonium each morning. May increase up to 1000mg of meldonium twice daily, if it well tolerated.
• For improved athletic performance take 500mg - 2000mg twice daily.
• Do not take within 8 hours before planned bedtime.
• The maximum recommended daily dose is 2000mg of meldonium.
• Works as an antiischemic cell protector in patients with angina pectoris, chronic heart failure, brain circulation disorders (more detailed information in supporting leaflet).
• Improves physical capacity and mental function in the case of ischemia and in healthy people (more detailed information in supporting leaflet).

All Meldonium delivered with the original package leaflet (detailed manufacturer information for the users) in the English language.
Genuine - Meldonium is from Latvia only!

Avoid a buying of the cheap counterfeits and generics of the meldonium from Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. It could make severe damage to your health. Health is more expensive!

Information about counterfeit drugs in Russia:
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Effect of the Meldonium - Mildronate in the cell
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best heart health vitamins

The best heart health vitamins

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